Bar Mitzvah? Bat Mitzvah?

Mazel Tov!

When a Jewish Boy turns 13 or a Jewish Girl turns 12 they become accountable for their actions and become a bar mitzvah.  A DJ Connection takes our Mitzvahs VERY seriously as we know the importance of entertainment. We have worked closely with our Jewish Community here in Pensacola Florida for a long time and word of mouth has certainly served us well. We know with every Pensacola Mitzvah we perform, that we are auditioning for our next one. We love that our Mitzvah clients want only the best and cutting edge and new in fun and entertainment. Popular options include name in lights, decorative up lighting in your choice of colors and a video screen and projector to show a really cool video or slide show.  We work closely with our clients to help ensure we do it their way.  We offer meetings in person at our office.  We offer online song selectors where we encourage both the young and old have input as to what music and dance songs are played.  With our high level of communications and past experience, you can rest assure that your Mitzvah will be a huge success.


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